What a result. On the 4th of May, local people headed to polling stations all across the country to elect their next set of councillors. The message they sent was clear: people want a fairer, greener future for the country. They want Green councillors who work hard, listen, and truly prioritise them. They want representatives who care about the climate crisis and who understand that the country must become more green if it wants to thrive. Because of this, the Green Party had a net national gain of 206 councillors, taking our total number of elected Green councillors in the country up to 744.

In the South East, we managed to gain a net total of 54 seats, taking us up to a grand total of 195 Green councillors! These are by far the biggest gains we have ever seen in a local election, and they have taken us to a record-breaking councillor total! With this number of representatives, we will now work hard to make sure local voices are heard and represented, and hopefully aim to win even more seats in the future.

But more than anything, this is your win. Whether you delivered leaflets, knocked on doors, stood as a candidate, wrote literature, donated, or even just voted Green – we could not have achieved this result without you. It is only because of the tireless hard work and dedication from our volunteers that we saw such a phenomenal increase in councillors. You have made Green history and should be immensely proud of everything you have achieved. Thank you so much for your help, support and love for this party and our collective mission to #GetGreensElected.