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The South East Green Party is an association of all Green Parties across the South East. We are here to support local Parties to win seats at all levels of Government, from Local Councillors to Parliament. It is our mission to push for a more environmentally and socially friendly South East.

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Congratulations to Jenni Hawkins for becoming the fifth Green Councillor on Kent County Council @TheGreenParty #wantgreenvotegreen https://t.co/mQMkGjKgGq SEGreenParty photo
South East Green Party
South East Green Party2 days ago
βŒ›οΈ The IPCC warning is loud and clear. We must defuse the climate timebomb now.

βœ… We have tangible plans to secure a liveable future.

🌍 Let's put people and planet first and keep fossil fuels in the ground.

Are you with us? Become a Friend of the Green Party today πŸ‘‡ https://livingroom.greenparty.org.uk/green-friend
South East Green Party
South East Green Party2 days ago
Yesterday Caroline Lucas led a debate in Parliament urging the government to make solar panels mandatory on all suitable new homes.

This would be a win-win for:
πŸ’š Cutting energy bills
πŸ’š Reducing carbon emissions
πŸ’š Ending fuel poverty
πŸ’š Improving energy security
πŸ’š Creating thousands of new high-skilled jobs nationwide
πŸ’š Reducing winter deaths and illness
πŸ’š Saving the NHS money

And all this at no cost to the taxpayer. It’s time for a real rooftop revolution β˜€οΈ
South East Green Party