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The South East Green Party is an association of all Green Parties across the South East. We are here to support local Parties to win seats at all levels of Government, from Local Councillors to Parliament. It is our mission to push for a more environmentally and socially friendly South East.

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South East Green Party
South East Green Party1 week ago
The science is clear - we have now breached almost all the planetary boundaries that make for a safe and just environment.

"Unless a timely transformation occurs, it is most likely that irreversible tipping points and widespread impacts on human well-being will be unavoidable".

No more coalmines and oil fields. No more failures on insulation or efficiency. No more allowing companies to openly pollute. We need a government that will take urgent action now.
South East Green Party
South East Green Party1 week ago
Other countries are taking the initiative on climate, traffic, public health, environment, air pollution, and more.

Take Belgium as an example - anyone who cycles to work can now claim an allowance of €0.27 per km!