The Green Party has the policies and the ambition to tackle this crisis:
πŸ’š Mass home insulation to slash bills and create green jobs

πŸ’š A tax on corporate super-profits and support for those most in need

πŸ’š A Β£15 minimum wage to put money in workers’ pockets
SEGreenParty photo
πŸ’š 1986 - 1st Green Cllr
πŸ’š 1991 - 10 Green Cllr's
πŸ’š 2007 - 100 Green Cllr's
πŸ’š 2019 - 300 Green Cllr's
πŸ’š 2021 - 400 Green Cllr's
πŸ’š 2022 - 500 Green Cllr's

πŸŽ‰ In the same month we're celebrating number 550 πŸ’š
credit - @GreenPartyDaron

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Building a Green Future

The pandemic has shown us more than ever what we really value – our health, the people we love, our communities.

Our vision for a Green Recovery is about putting people and the planet at the heart of decision making – building a future that is Green and equal.

The Green Recovery will address the climate and ecological emergency with bold, decisive action from government, business and communities. With that will come more security and more choice in our day to day lives.