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The South East Green Party is an association of all Green Parties across the South East. We are here to support local Parties to win seats at all levels of Government, from Local Councillors to Parliament. It is our mission to push for a more environmentally and socially friendly South East.

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South East Green Party
South East Green Party6 months ago
📈 More than three-quarters of people don't believe Labour or the Conservatives understand the reality of the cost of living crisis.

The Green Party of England and Wales has a plan to bring down bills AND emissions quickly. On top of this, these policies would end fuel poverty, create hundreds of thousands of jobs nationwide, massively reduce air pollution, boost local economies, and more.

These are truly the most basic, common-sense, win-win ideas for the vast majority of people - it's so disappointing that we're still the ONLY party calling for these easy wins.
South East Green Party
South East Green Party6 months ago
Are out-of-date Victorian sewers responsible for private water companies dumping sewage in our rivers and seas?

In short, no. The cause is the greed of these companies, leading them to invest less in infrastructure and maintenance than before privatisation just to hand tens of billions of pounds to shareholders.