Cameron Gone → Witney by-election 20 Oct

DavidCameronUpsideDown.jpgDavid Cameron has resigned as MP for Witney. So there will be a by-election on Thu. 20 October.

There will be a Green Party candidate and campaign. You can help (or even stand).

On Tuesday David Cameron announced he was resigning from the House of Commons. That means there will be a by-election in his former constituency of Witney, in Oxfordshire, on Thu. 20 October.

This is the first parliamentary by-election since the vote to leave the EU, Cameron's failure. It will be a test of voter reactions to the political changes over the summer. The Green Party needs to get its message across in the by-election, and find out how well it is received by the people of West Oxfordshire.

The Oxfordshire Green Party will be contesting this by-election. To save our deposit, and make a national impact we need your help.

  1. First we need to quickly select a Green Party candidate to stand in Witney. Any Green Party of England and Wales member in the UK can fill in our candidates wanted form. You will then need to complete a candidate statement by 21 Sept. 2016, get nominated by 2 members in the constituency, and come to the selection meeting in Witney on 22 Sept. 2016.
  2. Then we need to run an effective by-election campaign. The Green Party has never done as well as the Liberal Democrats in by-elections. We will need people to come to action days, to help online or by telephone from wherever they are, and to donate funds. Details will appear in our calendar once the by-election is announced. You can volunteer now, either from home on, or on the ground on

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