Ewald Widiner

Ewald Widiner is following this site, wanting to find out more about the South East Green Party.
  • wants to volunteer 2015-08-11 08:49:55 +0100

    Data volunteer

    Data-driven campaigning is what won Obama the presidency in 2012, and gave the Conservative Party a majority in 2015. So we need more people to work on data for the Green Party.

    We need data analysts (people who can create models of where we will get more Green votes) in the region, data entry clerks in local parties, and data managers.

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  • answered 2014-05-09 14:05:44 +0100
    Q: What is your address? and do you have any special delivery instructions?
    A: Flat 4 ,James House, Ryde,IoW, PO33 2LX

    From Bus to Door

    Thank you for your interest in leafleting for the Green Party European Campaign! We have thousands of leaflets on the bus to get out in the next two days, and we can't do it alone! Please fill out the following questions, so we know how many leaflets to have ready for you when the Green Party Bus is in your area.

    We will arrange to get large quantities to you today (>500 leaflets). For smaller quantities you can pick them up from the Green Party bus (see tour dates), or from your local Green Party, then deliver them in your area.

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  • commented on Introducing our candidates 2014-05-01 11:24:10 +0100
    Farage with UKIP is in the News since ages and the Greens are not even getting there Ideas to the people on the High Street in my town Ryde on the Ile of Wight( last time votes 900 Green,27000 Tory) I don’t think driving around in a painted green Buss will change Voters minds a the last minutes to the EU election ,it perhaps works against the Green Party if that Bus has no e engine and driving around in a Buss that omits 2-3 grams if not more of CO2/mile is a genius undertaking not to vote for the Greens !

  • commented on Green Party job opportunity 2014-05-01 12:35:54 +0100
    Sorry David, the barmaid of the Castle Inn on top of the High Street in Newport had no idea of a meeting of the Green Party on Monday 28th,thats the second time we are missing, I have been there in March as well and no Greens and no Meeting….. http://southeast.greenparty.org.uk/isleofwight.html

    “Next Meeting: The next meeting of the IOW Green Party will be held at 7.30pm on 28th April Newport. The venue will be the Castle Inn at the top of the High St in Newport. We will be considering activity for the 2014 European elections on 22nd May.”

    perhaps there are 2 Newports or 2 two Castle Inns on top of the High Street?
    Simple solution for the next time, give the postal address and I can’t miss…