Public meeting: Why Vote Remain?


Leave? Remain? The debate has been raging for several weeks now. But all we've been hearing from the mainstream media are the Tories arguing amongst themselves, trying to out-scare each other - the so called Blue-on-Blue battle (or the 'Dave and Boris show' as Cameron recently referred to it).

In the Green Party we know the EU needs reforming, but we also firmly believe it is much better to remain a part of it. For very different reasons than those we've been hearing from Cameron and his campaign.

To explore these social and environmental reasons, we'll be hearing from these excellent and diverse speakers:

George Monbiot: a local journalist and writer, he is widely known for his environmental and political campaigning. George is no fan of the EU, but he will be there to explain why he is still going to vote 'Remain'

Philippe Lamberts MEP: the co-leader of the green group in the European Parliament. Howls of protest from top bankers greeted one of his achievements - a strict bonus cap on the pay of Europe’s bankers. This earned him the nickname of ‘bonus snatcher’ in the City of London.

Keith Taylor is the Green Party MEP for the South East, including Oxfordshire. Keith is an excellent example of what our directly elected representatives to the EU can do.

Our own Hazel Dawe is a law lecturer who has been a Green Party candidates at two European elections. She teaches human rights and European Union law and feels that human rights are not properly appreciated in this country. Unsurprisingly, they have also not had the prominence they deserve in the referendum debate.

Updates and live video streaming on the Oxfordshire Green Party web site.

June 20, 2016 at 7:00pm - 9:30pm
Wesley Memorial Methodist Church
New Inn Hall Street
Oxford, England OX1 2DH
United Kingdom
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