Will you vote Green in 2014?

Will you vote Green in 2014?

Thanks to everyone who pledged their vote to the Green Party below, and everyone who voted to re-elect Keith Taylor as our Green MEP for SE England. We said:

The European election is a fair one, where every vote counts. Just 10% of the vote will re-elect Green MEP Keith Taylor, while only a small swing to the Greens is needed to elect a second Green MEP for the South East.

Vote Green for:

  • An economy that works for everyone, not just the richest.ย 
  • Public services in your hands, that work for you.ย 
  • Protecting our precious environment and cutting fuel bills.ย 

Questions? Take a look at what we stand for. Find out about our 10 candidates, and the pledges they have made.

On election day, 22 May 2014, can we count on your support?

20,000 votes
Yes I support South East Green Party.
I might support South East Green Party, tell me more.
No I do not support South East Green Party.

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