Thank you for getting a Green MEP elected

Thanks to all 343249 of you who voted for the Green Party candidates in the European elections last week. You now have a new Green MEP, Alexandra Phillips to carry on the work of Keith Taylor in the European Parliament.

And thanks to the hundreds of people who helped our campaign.

You can tell us why you supported the Green Party and what you would like us to do next.

Celebrating at the countThank you. With your incredible support over such a short campaign we were able to keep our Green MEP in the South East and you elected Alexandra Phillips to continue in the footsteps of Keith Taylor and Caroline Lucas before him. We really are turning the South East Green.

Thanks to the incredible work that you and your local party is doing, we achieved the best ever result that the South East has seen in European Elections. This really is a #greenwave.

We couldn't have done this campaign without you. Thank you to everyone who delivered literature, put up a poster, donated money, held an event, joined the Stop Brexit bus, ran a stall, did telling or knocking up on Election Day and of course, to everyone who voted.

Riding off the back of our incredible local elections earlier this month, we are part of a Party that really is changing politics for good. We really are in new territory now with our support base broadening beyond belief. That’s down to your work on the ground because people know that elected Greens make a huge difference.

Thank you once again for making 2019 a truly historic year for the Green Party. Please do chip in if you can you help us cover the costs of this historic year. We didn’t expect to have European Elections and so didn’t budget for this campaign, so any amount you can give is a huge support.

And please tell us why you voted green and what you thought of our campaign in our 5 question survey, so we can make the next campaign even better.

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