Sue Roberts

Sue RobertsI wept, as I walked the dog around the park, every day for 3 days. My husband-to-be (a climate scientist) was wooing me with tales of climate change. Hard hitting stuff. And now, the fading away of nature becomes more evident with each bird that disappears from our garden.

So, I joined the Green Party, the only party unequivocally putting the environment at the heart of policy. I have learned so much! I did not know about the money system, (97% of our money created out of thin air for the private profiteering). Nor how a Citizen’s Income is essential to securing a happy and comfortable future for all.

In 2012, I won and administered an £88,000 government grant for Sustainable Wallingford, piloting the Green Deal, and five of us trained as domestic energy assessors. This led me to becoming a Green Deal Advisor and setting up Ecomorph.

The Coalition Government sabotaged the Green Deal. Householders should have been able to insulate their homes, put in renewables, and improve their heating at no up-front cost; repaying at the rate at which they saved money on energy bills.

But greed won out. The government set an interest rate on the debt at 7%. The scheme bristled with a massive pyramid of auditors, financiers and certification bodies; a minimum of 9 bodies between the householder and the installer; more than doubling the price of works.

Meanwhile, in 2010, the first wave of excessive house planning came through. I can’t recall if it was Labour or Cons that decided that Oxfordshire would take 50,000 new houses. In 2014, the number was doubled to 100,000. Now, the Expressway with its million homes will add a further 300,000 houses in the County, for investor profit.

We needed a clear message on housing in the Oxfordshire Green Party, We set up a new housing group and thrashed out a housing myth buster. But the relentless fight against a greedy government determined to sell up and destroy our landscape goes on.

Nimby and Proud. If we looked more carefully at our own back yard, we would see the intent to industrialise and urbanise the South East of England is just as malignant as cutting down Amazonian Forest or slicing off mountain-tops (overburden) to get at the minerals beneath.

I run South Oxfordshire Sustainability where I bring together environmentalists from across our local District.

Please vote for me, but also, before the 25th March, go to to object to the Oxfordshire Plan 2050 (it doesn’t matter where you live - this is for the UK and our global environment)!

There is much work to do in Europe. Were we to stay in, I’d seek to remove practices that damage our low-carbon future, like import tariffs on PV panels, and state-aid rules that prevent the nurturing of beneficial businesses. If we leave, I’d work to retain and improve rules beneficial to mitigating climate change and improving the natural world.

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  • Andrea Dexter
    commented 2020-01-15 13:48:37 +0000
    Last week Extinction rebellion demonstrated against pesticide use at the Oxford Farmer’s conference. However, their protest highlights how little is understood about the prolific use of pesticides in our communities on a daily basis.

    Come along and in 1 hour you will get a balanced and informed view of pesticides and how we can all make a difference in their impact on our environment and protect our bio-diversity.

    Thames Valley Pesticide Awareness Initiative

    @Cholsey Pavilion Trust, The Pavilion

    Station Road, Cholsey OX10 9PT

    Thursday 23rd of January 7.00-8.00pm

    Saturday 25th of January 11.00-12.30

    Kind regards
  • David Newman
    published this page in Select our European candidates 2019-03-21 15:14:34 +0000

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