Steve Masters

Steve MastersThe EU has played a significant role in maintaining peace across Europe and the prosperity and economic development of the United Kingdom since we joined in 1973. Economic benefits are not and should not be seen as the panacea of the projects achievements. Other benefits have enriched the lives of millions across the EU and the UK. Freedom of movement, improvements to environmental, Health and Safety protections have impacted and improved citizens lives far beyond simple economic prosperity.

I accept that the EU is not a perfect beast, and as such it is clear that our future relationship will only be successful if we can influence it’s direction from within.

Having campaigned to remain in the EU in 2016 I was struck by the misrepresentation and negative perceptions of the EU amongst the leave voters.

We need to listen to the leave voters and Caroline Lucas’s continued engagement with communities who voted leave in large numbers should become the norm. I firmly believe we also need to be more proactive in our support for and promotion of the achievements of the EU.

I wish to stand as a potential candidate for the 2019 European Elections in order to address this deficit and represent the all people of the South East but also take the opportunity to educate and inform the voters. The EU is far from perfect and if it is to be improved it is vital that we have a positive voice inside the European Parliament. It would be an honour to represent the region and the Green Party. As an MEP I would ensure that the impending climate breakdown is the highest priority for the EU. I have been inspired by the student strikes here in West Berkshire and across the globe.

In April 2015 I joined the Green Party. Since then I have been an active campaigner on environmental issues and those of social justice. I became the Chair of the local Party in 2016 and I am currently PPC for the Newbury constituency.

I have a public profile locally and challenge the council on social and environmental topics. I have written for LeftfootForward and Greenworld as well as appearing on TV and radio representing West Berkshire Green Party. At the party conference in 2017 I was an award wintering inspirational candidate.

As a Trade Unionist I brought the first anti fracking motion to the GMB conference in 2017. I recently forced the local council (West Berkshire) to hold a public debate on May 21st 2019 to declare a climate emergency. This was the first time ever any petition has reached the number of signatures required to force a debate. I have a wide range of life experiences including serving in the military for 20 years. I am not a traditional politician and have found during my campaigning locally I can reach out to parts of the community that are remote from and disconnected from the political landscape.

Facebook: @SteveMastersWestBerkshireGreen
Twitter: @AnothervoiceWB


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