Select our European candidates

In case there is a European election on 23 May, we are selecting our Green Party candidates in South East England. 22 people are competing for 10 places.

Green Party members in SE England will be receiving electronic or postal ballots to rank people in an STV ballot. These are the people who have applied:

There will be online hustings at the following times:

  1. 1300 Tue. 26 March (recording)
  2. 1300 Wed. 27 March (recording)
  3. 2000 Wed. 27 March (recording)
  4. 1300 Thu. 28 March (recording)
  5. 2000 Thu. 28 March (recording)

We will be using the Zoom video conferencing system so that people from different ends of the South East region can attend hustings.

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  • Antonio Testa
  • Kate Rosie
  • Rebecca Whitcher
  • Ricky Baker
  • Sabine Murray
  • Ricardo Marrero
  • Trish Moore
  • Christine Clark
  • Gemma Mcfarlane
  • Christopher Smith

Antonio Testa just joined.