Why vote for Robin Murison

I will listen to your point of view.

I endeavour to study academic articles before making a decision.

I aim to give the voters in the next century more choices than we have today.

I am to manage global temperatures in the best way possible for everyone. I never want to see London under water.

To this end I suggest that people reduce unnecessary travel to minimize CO2 emissions. If you “need” a holiday in the sun: I would point out that within Europe the order of CO2 emissions is bicycle; rail; buses; aeroplane; car. So take a train if you can.

  • Trains produce approximately a quarter less ­CO2 than busses per passenger kilometre travelled.
  • Buses are 15 times better than cars.
  • Even planes are more efficient than cars.

Source: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/661933/tsgb-2017-report-summaries.pdf

Leave the car at home. Cars also cause over 42% of violent deaths in the UK; 1,710 people in 2017.

I want expansion of off road cycle tracks and separate foot paths to reduce the number of cyclist and pedestrian deaths: 24 & 26 deaths per billion passenger kilometres travelled.

Buses should be a public service, not commercial. I will campaign to make busses free. This is to make them even more competitive compared with cars. I thoroughly believe that none of us can afford not to use them. I plan to connect all housing estates and villages with both the local conveniences, and transportation hubs such as coach and railway stations.

Japan has aimed to increase public service rather than increase GDP for well over 10 years. Their train service is second to none, even if it is overcrowded on some journeys. Similarly, I intend to set goals to increase punctuality and service rather than profitability. With a goal to make trains more punctual and journeys shorter to make journeys: faster, cheaper and more reliable by train. To enforce these goals the trains would ideally be nationalized again.

I plan to oppose HS2 and the Oxford Cambridge express way advocating the extension of cycle tracks and rail links instead.

We must ween our society off crude oil as soon as possible, because we expect crude oil to run out in about 55 years. We need to remove it from our lives before its enforced removal. This transition is not optional and it needs to be managed.

There is not enough lithium for everyone to run cars on lithium batteries. So, I intend to fund research into to organic batteries. They will be cleaner to produce and plentiful.

I will oppose all plans for non-renewable energy generators or even plant burning generators. Renewable energy is already cheaper than any other form of power generation it also creates more jobs and it can easily produce 12 times more energy than we currently use. The sun provides in 1.5 hours more energy than humans use in a whole year.

If you commute by car, you can increase your m.p.g. with tips from the AA, RAC or: http://www.drivingefficiencies.com/

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