Regular donation

Start a regular monthly donation to the South East Green Party to keep us winning across the region.

The South East Green Party is one of the biggest regions in the UK, we currently have around 10,000 members and supporters. We’re also contesting more seats than ever before, but we still face considerable challenges.

What we now need to do is build the capacity of our local parties across SE England to win elections against the well-organised operations of other parties. We need to engage more volunteers, raise more funds, and work together to target winnable seats across the region.

In different parts of SE England we have real expertise in local parties: we have great canvassing scripts, useful leaflets, online campaigning sites, press relations, fund raising expertise, and so on. So how do we build on these skills and maximize them to expand our reach and bring about more election successes?

The South East Green Party is seeking funds to employ more regional field organiser. They are responsible for getting more Greens elected across the SE. Then we want to raise more funds to employ a local support worker who will work with local parties in capacity building, including finding and engaging more volunteers, raising more funds, improving skills, and planning campaigns.

We are asking for regular monthly donations to cover the payments to these development workers. Please chip in what you can afford.