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Give to tax the rich

Equality is at the heart of Green policies. Growing levels of inequality have disfigured our society, contributing to the vote to leave the EU. Greens are committed to sharing our wealth fairly, leaving no-one in poverty or unable to flourish. The EU has failed to act to ensure that every European has the right to a decent income, fair working conditions and adequate social protection, regardless of their circumstances.

Yet tax avoidance has stripped the public purse, leading to cuts, austerity and misery across the country. We’ll chase unpaid taxes across borders, making sure the rich and the criminal have nowhere to hide their stolen money.

While Europe as a whole is wealthier than ever, right across our continent – from Bulgaria to France, and from Germany to Greece – millions of people still live in poverty and social exclusion. And many of those worst affected are children. Everyone deserves a decent standard of living, and the solutions are already on the table. By passing legislation giving all citizens the right to a decent minimum income, the EU could ensure that all its citizens can live in dignity.

Europe needs to become a truly social union, empowering workers, fighting poverty and reducing inequality. The social promise of justice and inclusion
for all citizens must be renewed. It must not fall victim to austerity policies nor to corporate greed. Fair pay, Union rights and decent working conditions must be secured.

Will you pledge to vote to end poverty and reduce inequality?

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  • Helen Lyman
    pledged support 2021-03-18 16:00:56 +0000

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