Ray Cunningham, candidate for the European Parliament

Ray CunninghamRay Cunningham lives in Brighton with his partner and their two young daughters. In between school runs (on foot, of course), he is a consultant, translator, writer and speaker on comparative environmental politics.

Prior to this he worked in university teaching (in Germany and Britain), in academic publishing and in the management of international social science research. He studied German, French and philosophy, and has a doctorate in modern German literature.

He has lived and worked in Germany and in other countries, and is a committed European; he speaks fluent German as well as French and Spanish.

He has been a Green Party member since 1996, was twice chair of his local party, and is currently a member of the party’s International Committee. To while away the remaining hours he is Chair of Green House, the environmental think tank, and Convenor (and joint founder) of the British-German Environment Forum.

Although convinced that the European project is indispensable to a sustainable future, I am highly critical of the form it has  taken. A misguided focus on economic growth has led to the unbalanced, undemocratic, unsustainable Europe we have today. Understanding and committing to sustainability would lead in a different direction, and is the kind of historic vision which could re-connect the Union to its citizens and give it new legitimacy and purpose. The EU is the only political institution capable of rising to this challenge, and the world needs it to succeed. If elected, I would use my expertise in political economy and my European contacts and experience to work tirelessly for a genuinely sustainable Europe.

Ray is a parent, a retired football fan and a translator, writer and consultant on comparative environmental policy.