Bus visits the dreaming spires of Oxford

KiethandNatalieatLaunchinOxfordbyBus_20140510_250x333.jpgI spent Saturday in Oxford, one of the few buses that weren't full of tourists. At 0930, Natalie Bennett, Green Party leader, and Keith Taylor MEP launched the Oxfordshire Green Party manifesto for the Oxford City Council elections.

I then spent some time as a base for leafleters and canvassers in Oxford, drove to the centre of town, and in the evening picked up people for a film show on my top deck, a new film about fracking.

OxfordGreensandKeithandNatalieinfrontofBus_20140510_250x254.jpgMany of the 25 local council candidates made it to my parking place near the East Oxford Farmers Market for the manifesto launch. Natalie and Keith then went to speak to people at the farmers' market, set up some years ago by Green Party councillors and local members.

Meanwhile I drove to Manzil Way, parked on Cowley Road, where dozens of supporters came to pick up leaflets to deliver in nearby wards, and lists of doors to knock to find out who is considering voting Green on 22 May 2014. This is a part of Oxford where we already have 4 Green councillors and hope to get more.

At lunchtime, I drove around town, receiving many admiring glances at my livery. I stopped briefly in Broad Street, while Keith Taylor recorded an interview to be sent to a Young Green standing in his school election.

Later in the day, I went back to the Cowley Road, where people collected leaflets from me about the European election. Meanwhile, every house in 3 wards had received leaflets, and Oxfordshire Greens had knocked on hundreds of doors.

In the evening, I turned into a cinema. I drove into the centre of town to pick up people who had booked to see a new fracking film. I drove them to Donnington Community Centre, where they bought drinks then climbed upstairs to sit down and see Frack Democracy.


I then went to spend the night outside a Green Party member's house in Oxford, where someone broke in and stole 3 cannisters of bio-diesel.

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