Opposed to Fracking? Only one party will stand up for you.

Only the Green Party opposes fracking

The chances are that you oppose fracking.

Maybe you’re worried about the damage it’ll do to our countryside?

Or you’ve realised that it won’t help in the fight against climate change?

Or, maybe, you’re just not convinced that we should be handing tax breaks and subsidies to fracking firms when the evidence suggests that shale gas drilling won’t lower our bills?

But, even though you probably oppose fracking, you might be thinking of voting for a party that supports it.

You may not know that all of the major parties except the Greens want to bring fracking to the UK.

Despite warm words on climate change from Labour, they won’t stand up to the gas firms who want to carve up our countryside in pursuit of shale gas.

The Tory/ Lib Dem Government has promoted tax breaks to speed us towards a new dash for gas.

And UKIP have said that fracking is a ‘god given chance’ for the UK.

The fact is that it is only Greens who will stand against fracking. We oppose it because we think there is a better way to provide the energy we need.

Rather than pouring money into fracking, and drilling for fossils fuels across our countryside, we want to invest in renewable technology that will provide for us for generations to come.

Rather than pursuing this dash for gas, which the experts predict won’t cut our bills, we want to roll out insulation to every cold home in Britain. We want to cut fuel bills for everyone, for ever.

So, at this election you have a choice. You can vote for one of the old establishment parties stuck in a fossil fuel frame of mind. Or you can vote for a party which will build an economy that works for everyone, both now and for the future. 

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  • Inayat Khan
    commented 2015-03-19 22:04:45 +0000
    Only the Green party is committed to moving away from a 19th century approach to energy production to a sustainable 21st century one.

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