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Green candidates vow to prioritise Europe-wide fracking ban

Following tomorrow's European elections, Green MEPs will be stepping up the pressure on shale extraction and calling for a Europe-wide ban on fracking.


The move comes as support for fracking drops to less than 50% of Britain and following the UK government's blocking of European Commission proposals – in January – that would have introduced a degree of regulation for the fracking industry.

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Greens again show polling lead over Lib Dems

The Green Party has hit its highest ratings in opinion polls ahead of the European Elections on Thursday. [1]

May 2014 polling

The polls suggest that the Greens could be on target to elect more Green Euro-MPs across the country. 

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Opposed to Fracking? Only one party will stand up for you.

The chances are that you oppose fracking.

Maybe you’re worried about the damage it’ll do to our countryside?

Or you’ve realised that it won’t help in the fight against climate change?

Or, maybe, you’re just not convinced that we should be handing tax breaks and subsidies to fracking firms when the evidence suggests that shale gas drilling won’t lower our bills?

But, even though you probably oppose fracking, you might be thinking of voting for a party that supports it.

You may not know that all of the major parties except the Greens want to bring fracking to the UK.

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Vocal appreciation for Greens' LGBTIQ European manifesto

The Green Party yesterday launched its LGBTIQ European manifesto in Brighton to warm applause and cheers.

Greens LGBTQ European manifesto launch celebrated

The event, staged at the Bedford Tavern on Western Street, Brighton, was opened by the Greens' LGBT Group chair, Simon Williams, who recalled earlier days when the Greens were the first party to back equal marriage, at a time when the other parties regarded it as fantasy, and were the party of practical support for teachers trying to work under the yoke of Section 28.

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Greens promise a Europe for people, not big business

Candidates Keith Taylor MEP & Alexandra Phillips

As European election campaigning enters its final week, the lead Green candidates in the South East of England were today pledging to work for a Europe designed for people, not big business.

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Green Euro candidate Alexandra Phillips wins election debate by a landslide

Alexandra Phillips – tipped to become the Greens' second MEP in the South East and one of a new wave of Green MEPs across the country in next week's Euro elections – was today announced as the clear winner in a European election debate held last Friday.


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Greens launch LGBTIQ European manifesto

Green LGBTIQ European manifestoGreen MEP and Euro candidate Keith Taylor, together with Green Euro candidate Alexandra Phillips, will today (Thursday) lunchtime be launching the LGBTIQ Greens 2014 European Election Manifesto at the Bedford  Tavern, Western Street, Brighton.

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Greens consolidate fourth place position above LibDems

The latest ICM poll puts the Green Party a full three points above the Lib Dems and into a clear fourth place ahead of next week's European elections.

This follows several weeks of a trend in which the Greens first reached parity with the Lib Dems and then started to ease ahead, climbing four points in just one week. It also comes as Labour experiences a massive 12 point decline. Among 18-24 year-olds the Greens are the now second most popular political party.

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Green Euro candidate marches for equality

Brighton Stonewall walk

Green MEP candidate and Brighton & Hove councillor Alexandra Phillips – tipped to become the Greens' second MEP in the South East and one of a new wave of Green MEPs across the country in this month's Euro elections – yesterday joined Green MP Caroline Lucas and other Green councillors and supporters at Stonewall's Equality Walk in Brighton, celebrating 25 years of Stonewall

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Day 8 in Banbury and Witney

I spent the morning in Banbury, meeting rail commuters, then travelled to Duckington and Witney in the afternoon, where I drove around town, speaking to people, asking them to vote Green on 22 May 2014.

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