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Thank you for getting a Green MEP elected

Thanks to all 343249 of you who voted for the Green Party candidates in the European elections last week. You now have a new Green MEP, Alexandra Phillips to carry on the work of Keith Taylor in the European Parliament.

And thanks to the hundreds of people who helped our campaign.

You can tell us why you supported the Green Party and what you would like us to do next.

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European election results

The results are out. The Green Party won 13.5% of the vote in South East England, up from 9% in 2014.

Our Alexandra Phillips was elected as an MEP - straight after the Brexit Party's Alexandra Phillips (no relation).

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South East Green Party European Election Candidates Announced

The South East Green Party welcomes to news that EU elections will be held on May 23rd and will use these democratic and proportional elections to stand up for free movement, climate action and for the rights of all Europeans.

Alexandra Phillips, a Green Councillor from Brighton & Hove has been selected as the lead candidate for the South East Greens European Parliamentary candidate list.

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Bus at the Wood Festival

The Green Stop Brexit electric bus went to the Wood Festival on Friday.

There we met a Green Party European Election candidate, Ian Chandler.

I recorded a video of him and Robin Bennett, who set up this eco-friendly music festival and has just been elected as a Green councillor in South Oxfordshire.

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Green Party Stop Brexit electric bus tour

the busOur Stop Brexit electric bus is coming your way, bringing your Green Party MEP candidates to you.

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Watch a Green winning the Eurovision Presidential Debate

Tonight the lead candidates to be the next President of the European Commission took part in a live TV debate.

Each represented a group in the European Parliament, made up of MEPs from across Europe.

Ska Keller spoke eloquently for the Greens. Watch the video and decide for yourself. Who makes a better MEP? People like Ska Keller or Nigel Farage?

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South East Crowd Funder launched

Yesterday we launched a crowd funder to fund the costs of our European election campaign in SE England.

In just a matter of days, the UK will elect new MEPs to the European Parliament and it's vital that the Green Party in the South East of England keeps its long-standing MEP seat. A lot is at stake and that's why we're asking for your urgent support. The Green Party has no corporate donors or secret offshore funds: we rely entirely on your commitment and generosity for success in this election.

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Job Opportunity - Fundraising supervisor

Can you fundraise to support the work of the Greens in the South East?

The South East Confederation of Green Parties needs to fundraise for post Brexit when we lose the resources of our Green MEP Keith Taylor. 

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You could be a Green Party candidate

Have you thought of standing for the Green Party in an election? Right now local Green Parties across the South East are looking for candidates to stand in every local council ward, so that every voter can vote Green.

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Anita Sloan just joined.