UK Gay News endorsement for Green MEPs Caroline Lucas and Jean Lambert

2 June 2009

UK Gay News has thrown its weight behind the Greens in the Euro elections saying the party's voting record on gay rights is 'superb'.

"Like Green parties in most other countries across the world, including the American Greens, the UK party has robust equality and diversity policies for LGBT persons in their published platform."

The South East's Green MEP Caroline Lucas and her colleague Jean Lambert in London are both hoping to be re-elected on June 4th.

During their decade in Brussels Caroline and Jean's battle against discrimination has included demanding the UN Human Rights Council adopt a resolution requiring worldwide decriminalisation of homosexuality, and opposed a Conservative led EU climb-down over outlawing homophobia and ageism.

Phelim Mac Cafferty, from the LGBT Greens said he felt honoured to have the endorsement of UK Gay News at this important stage of the Euro campaign:

"It's just one of a string of endorsements in the last fortnight including Joanna Lumley and Peter Tatchell. Of all parties standing in the Euro elections, we have the strongest lgbt policies and because we believe fundamentally in the rights of LGBT citizens, we have our own LGBT manifesto for the Euro elections. We are the only party to have such a high concentration of candidates who have signed the ILGA pledge which commits candidates to fighting for LGBT equality".

He urged people to go out in their numbers and support the work of Greens for the LGBT by voting for the party in the Euro elections on June 4th.

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