South East MEP Caroline Lucas joint best on animal rights

30 May 2009

In an analysis done by Protecting Animals in Democracy, both Caroline Lucas (Green MEP for the South East) and Jean Lambert (Green MEP for London) received a score of +15 (only matched by Plaid Cymru's Jill Evans).

The analysis was based on recent votes on a new EU law on animal experiments. The votes took place recently (on 5 May 2009), and there were 15 votes taken into account for the analysis.

The Conservative Party scored the worst, with a score of -13.07.

UKIP was 2nd worst amongst political parties from England and Wales, at +1.38.

Labour MEPs scored +7.95, whilst Liberal Democrat MEPs averaged to +3.55.

The analysis cites Caroline Lucas as having "been especially active for animals and helps to table pro-animal laws. The Green group is now an influential force in the European Parliament, and UK Greens can rally their colleagues to help make a major difference for animals."

It also notes that the Euro-manifestos for Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives do not mention animal protection as an issue at all.

You can read the Green Party's full policy on animal protection here.

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