Petition for eight hour live animal journey limit gathers a million signatures

9 March 2012

Keith has welcomed the news that the petition supporting a maximum journey time of eight hours for transporting live animals within the EU has gather over one million signatures. In parliament Keith has signed a Written Declaration in support of this change to the current regulations. The European Commission recently decided not to introduce an eight hour limit, but animal welfare charities and many MEPs are continuing to push for an introduction of a journey limit, as a step to ending all live exports.

Welcoming the news, Keith said: "That the 8 hours campaign has reached one million signatures shows the strength of feeling on this issue both in the UK and across the EU. Transporting live animals in terrible conditions for hours on end only to meet an early slaughter is a barbaric, cruel and unnecessary act which should be stopped. A limit of eight hours would help to alleviate some of the suffering inflicted on animals being transported to slaughter. Ultimately I am calling for a total ban on live exports as i don't believe that there is any public appetite for this kind of cruelty to animals."

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