Greens Dismay Over Government Plans for New Generation of Nuclear Power Plants

16 April 2009

The government's unveiling of a list of potential sites for a new generation of nuclear power stations, including one at Dungeness in Kent, is a disastrous backward step, according to the South East's Green MEP.

Caroline Lucas said: "Pouring millions into the nuclear industry is a catastrophic waste and simply puts off the urgent need to massively invest in the long term solution, which has to be sustainable, renewable energy."

The high cost of nuclear power and its unsolved problems over how to dispose of radioactive waste have been long standing campaign issues for the Green Party. There's also concern about the small but real risks of a catastrophic accident or terrorist attack, which could cause huge loss of life and result in large areas of the South East becoming uninhabitable.

The Greens are also dismayed that concentration on nuclear power by the Labour Government will take available investment and infrastructure away from renewables. A new generation of nuclear power stations would use valuable coastal high-capacity connectors to the grid, connectors which would otherwise be used for offshore wind, wave and tidal, making it more likely that the UK will miss legal commitments on renewables for 2020.

The South East Green Party is dismayed that the huge opportunity for jobs in renewables, especially in coastal areas, will be squandered, if the money goes to nuclear instead.

 The full list of nominated sites is:
1. Bradwell, Essex, NDA
2. Braystones, Cumbria, RWE Npower
3. Dungeness, Kent, EDF Energy
4. Hartlepool, EDF Energy
5. Heysham, Lancashire, EDF Energy
6. Hinkley Point, Somerset, EDF Energy
7. Kirksanton, Cumbria, RWE Npower
8. Oldbury, Gloucestershire, the NDA and Eon
9. Sellafield, Cumbria, NDA
10. Sizewell, Suffolk, EDF Energy
11. Wylfa, North Wales, RWE Npower and the NDA


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