Mark Thomas Endorses The Green Party

22 April 2009

In the run up to the elections in June, the comedian and campaigner Mark Thomas has thrown his weight behind the Green Party.

In a new video posted on YouTube Mark, who's currently on a nationwide tour, says the Greens are the only party with sensible measures on issues from the importance of maintaining a work/life balance to reining in the power of the corporate lobby.

He talks about tackling climate change and firmly believes the Green Party is the only one with the ability and commitment to see it through.

The writer, comedian and activist, best known for his show The Mark Thomas Comedy Product on Channel 4, first came to light as a guest comic on the BBC's Mary Whitehouse Experience in the 80s.

His consistent democratic stance and ethical credentials have made him the champion of everyone who despairs of the apparent hypocrisy and lack of accountability of conventional political discourse.


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