Keith puts pressure on officials over threatened village of Al Walaja, Palestine

19 October 2011

Keith has written to the Head of the Israeli Mission to the EU, the Israeli Ambassador to the UK and the East Jersulamen Consulate about the urgent situation in the village of Al Walaja in the Bethlehem district of Palestine. The village is currently under threat of a separation barrier being built through it, cutting off villagers from their agricultural land and demolishing over 50 buildings, including a mosque and homes that have only recently been rebuilt, having been previously illegally demolished. This violates international law which states that it is illegal to build on ocupied land.

There will be a decision made in an Israeli court on Wednesday 27 September as to whether to proceed with the planned demolitions, and so Keith has written to the aforementioned officials to urge them to put pressure on the Israeli government to stop this violation of international law, and to protect the people of Al Walaja from having their village destroyed.

A copy of these letters can be accessed here and here.

To read more about Keith’s work on Palestine and the Middle East visit the Peace & Anti Nuclear section of his website.

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