Green Party councillor slams Reading Council incineration plans

28 January 2011

Reading's Green Party Councillor is sounding the alarm about Reading Borough Council plans to incinerate a greater proportion of the Borough's waste.
On Monday (17 January) the Council's Cabinet met in closed session to discuss an agenda item on the procurement of additional energy from waste capacity. The Council is planning to purchase an extra 10,000 tonnes per year of incineration capacity from its waste contractor, Waste Recycling Group (WRG).
Reading's waste is collected as part of a Private Finance Initiative scheme together with waste from Bracknell Forest and Wokingham. The three councils have entered into the 'RE3 partnership' with WRG and have signed a 25 year waste maangement contract with the company.
Rob White said: “Incinceration is generally recognised as the least environmentally sustainable method of disposing of waste – with a bigger impact even than landfill – because of the air quality issues it raises and because large quantities of waste that could be recycled are sent to be burnt.
“The range of materials which Reading residents are able to put out with their bin for recycling is very limited compared to many councils, and instead of consigning even more of our rubbish to go up in smoke, the Council should be looking at ways of reducing the total amount of waste, promoting reuse and extending the kerbside recycling scheme to collect and recover a wider range of recyclable materials.”
Notes for the Editor
1. For more information please contact Rob White on 07985 923938 or 0118 9667183.
2. Rob White was elected in Park Ward as Reading and Berkshire's first unitary authority Green Party councillor in May 2010. He stood under the slogan "Fair is worth fighting for!" on a platform of: more decent affordable housing, tackling crime and antisocial behaviour and better public transport walking and cycling facilities.

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