Green New Deal

3 February 2009

The Green Party unveiled an innovative set of proposals for a Green New Deal-inspired jobs revolution in London on Monday 10th November to mark the launch of its 2009 European election campaign.

Green MEPs and European candidates in green hard hats are calling for ‘Green Jobs Now' from the HQ of Genersys, a successful South East company producing solar thermal technology.

Green-collar jobs will be key to a more sustainable future of renewable energy and economic stability, and the Green Party wants to make Britain the green-job capital of Europe .

The Greens' new Euro campaign is inspired by the ‘Green New Deal' - the brainchild of a group of nine environmental and financial experts in the UK - which links job creation with renewable energy-efficiency and localized food production to strengthen the economy.

If elected, the Greens will ask EU institutions to put in place incentives to allow companies to flourish - in the process creating thousands of jobs in eco-friendly industries.

The Green New Deal contains six key pledges designed to achieve these aims:

- Provide free insulation for all homes, using energy company profits to cut bills and create jobs

- Train the workforce we need, with a strategic approach to providing new training places for the green industries of the future

- Transform rules on procurement to help schools and hospitals buy from local producers

- End soft touch regulation on polluting power stations and give the renewable energy industry the break it needs

- End subsidies for fossil and nuclear fuels, and use the money to build world-class green energy industries

- Regulate big banking to stabilize the financial system, and close the loopholes which allow tax havens to operate


In the south-east of England nearly two-thirds of all homes have cavity walls but no insulation - nine million homes nationally fall into the same category. If elected in Europe , Greens will promote a programme of effective insulation that will bring down winter fuel bills by saving energy while creating jobs for the people needed to carry out the work.


Greens believe that the UK could follow the example of countries like Germany and create a quarter of a million jobs in renewable energy industries alone. Currently the UK has around 26,000 green energy jobs, but there could be thousands more in Britain with our natural resources. Britain has 40% of Europe 's wind resources while wave and tidal energy could generate up to 20% of our electricity. Greens also want to see more jobs created in local food production, recycling and repairing goods.

The June 2009 European Elections are held under proportional representation rules, so every vote counts towards electing Green MEPs. Voting takes place across ten regions in England and Wales (and one each in Scotland and Northern Ireland ).

There are currently two Green MEPs - Caroline Lucas for the South East, who is also the Green Party leader, and Jean Lambert for London . This year the party is hoping to get a second candidate elected in the South East region to further strengthen the Green Party's influence in Europe: Keith Taylor, who is a Green city councillor in Brighton and Hove .

Caroline Lucas, Green Party Leader and MEP for the South East, said:

"Green MEPs are some of the most effective in the European Parliament and our pledges today show how serious we are about increasing our numbers and getting even more done after the European elections next June.

" Europe faces not just an economic crisis, but an accelerating climate crisis too. We need secure jobs and we need new green industries. Greens will help build up both with their Green New Deal for Europe - a major, Europe-wide investment in good green jobs, combined with the re-regulation of big finance.

"We can make Britain the green jobs capital of Europe with these plans, making the transition away from fossil fuels, creating thriving new industries and helping pull ourselves out of economic crisis at the same time."

"If we are to create new opportunities in growing green industries and deliver on climate change targets, the UK must have an appropriately skilled workforce. Greens in the European Parliament will call for an ambitious European-level green skills and jobs programme, and will work for better public investment and planning.

Keith Taylor, Brighton and Hove City Councillor said:

"We're starting this campaign with the message that the UK isn't powerless, we can make our own destiny, we can fight our way out of recession and away from wasted energy and resources. And having more Greens elected to the European Parliament will help achieve that.

"One way we'll do that in the South East is to help create thousands of new green jobs in energy efficiency. Over 60% of our housing stock currently has uninsulated cavity walls. That's a huge waste of energy as well as providing huge opportunities for savings and employment. Greens in Europe will argue for new higher standards to make that happen.

"The UK also performs poorly against other EU countries in creating renewable energy. We can help bring investment into research, development and production of equipment that will help save homeowners and businesses money, create new jobs and reduce CO2 emissions at the same time. That's real joined up Green thinking."

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