Green MEP commits to Equal Marriage during International Marriage Week

9 March 2012

Keith today pledged his support for equal marriage by signing up to the Equal Love campaign's petition, during International Marriage Week. This campaign champions equality for all couples; for homosexual couples to marry and for heterosexual couples to have civil partnerships, and calls on the UK government to end the twin bans on both of these unions.

Keith was compelled to sign the Equal Love pledge when the organisers of an International Marriage Week event in the European Parliament rejected the LGBT Intergroup's calls for the event to include same sex married couples, despite the fact that in Belgium all couples can rightly get married.

Ahead of signing the pledge Keith, a member of the parliament's LGBT Intergroup, said:

"I am shocked and saddened by the discrimination shown against same sex marriages in Belgium by the organisers of the International Marriage Week event in the European Parliament. I echo the views of my fellow LGBT Intergroup members in saying that such an event can also serve to discredit single parents, or unmarried couples raising children, as well as homosexual married couples.

"This is why I have chosen today to sign Equal Love's petition to end the ban on homosexual couples marrying, and heterosexual couples having civil partnerships. This is such a positive campaign in the face of much discrimination and inequality. Unfortunately there is still so much to be done both in the UK and across Europe in terms of equal rights for LGBT people, and there are still so many prejudiced and antiquated views around which must be challenged.

"My signing of the Equal Love petition sends a clear message that marriage is about the love and union of two people irrespective of their genders or sexual orientation. The law must change in order for opinions to change and for discrimination to become a thing of the past. I hope that many others will sign this pledge as I have done today."


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