Election day brings first Green MP & council breakthroughs

10 May 2010

Caroline Lucas meets the press and residents on New Road, Brighton

Caroline Lucas has won the Brighton Pavilion seat with an 8.5% swing from Labour to Green.

The election of the first ever Green to Parliament represents a historic moment.

Hundreds of thousands of Green voters across the country now have, for the first time, a voice in Parliament, and genuinely progressive views on issues such as the economy, health, and the environment will now be heard.

Elsewhere Greens won their first council seats in Reading and Reigate & Banstead. Rob White won in Park Ward in Reading and Jonathan Essex topped the Redhill East Ward of Reigate & Banstead borough council.

Result - change in party voter share May 2010 over 2005 Brighton Pavilion

Change in vote share Brighton Pavilion May 2010

After the result was declared in Brighton Pavilion, Caroline Lucas MP said: "The emphatic support of voters in Brighton Pavilion show that they do want to support a party whose values represent fairness, social justice and environmental well-being.

"They have shown that they are prepared to put their trust in the Greens, despite the overwhelming national media focus on the three largest parties and a voting system that is fundamentally undemocratic.

Humbled by voters' trust

"I feel humbled by their trust in me, and I am excited by this vote of confidence and I'm looking forward to the challenging task of fully representing the voters of Brighton.

"This victory is no accident: it is the result of the hard work and commitment of thousands of Green Party members and supporters not only in Brighton but from right across the country over the past months and years. It is their work and support that has helped deliver this win, and the victory is as much theirs as it is mine.

"Thanks to the confidence that the voters of Brighton Pavilion have shown, Green principles and policies will now have a voice in Parliament.

"Policies such as responding to climate change with a million new ‘green' jobs in low-carbon industries, fair pensions and care for older people, and stronger regulation of the banks will be heard in the House of Commons.

"I will also use my influence as an MP in the city of Brighton & Hove to push for affordable housing for the city, a new secondary school for the city, and greater backing for the city's creative industries.

"Finally, as the overall result of this election shows, the first-past-the post voting system used for general elections is utterly discredited.

"I will be strongly backing calls for a referendum to replace it with a form of proportional representation that properly reflects the needs and views of 21st century voters.

"If a form of proportional representation is introduced, the Green Party is confident that its true level of support nationally can be represented properly."

The other city candidates Ben Duncan (Brihgton Kemptown) and Ian Davey (Hove) saved their deposits.

For more information please contact the Brighton and Hove Green Party office on 01273 766 670.


Name Party Votes % +/-

CAROLINE LUCAS Green 16,238 31.3% +9.4
Nancy Platts Labour 14,986 28.9% -7.5
Charlotte Vere Conservative 12,275 23.7% +0.4
Bernadette Millam Liberal Democrat 7,159 13.8% -2.2
Nigel Carter UK Independence Party 948 1.8% +0.6
Ian Fyvie Socialist Labour Party 148 0.3% -0.1
Soraya Kara Citizens for Undead Rights and Equality 61% 0.1 +0.1
Leo Atreides Independent 19 0.0% +0.0
Majority 1,252 2.4

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