Kent Greens warn scrappage scheme, to be announced in budget, is just another bail out.

20 April 2009

Don't be Fooled by Government's Budget Scrappage Scheme - Warns Kent's candidate for the European Parliament.

Hazel Dawe will tell students at the Uk's European University (Kent University in Canterbury) that the Scrappage scheme, likely to appear in Tuesday's Budget, is "fundamentally flawed."

Under the scheme, drivers who swap old cars for newer, more fuel efficient models would get up to £2,000 in incentive payments. Hazel Dawe says,

"it's little more than a bail-out for the car industry dressed up as a green initiative".

Hazel, who's standing as a Green candidate for the European elections on June 4th criticised the plans saying,

"The idea of scrapping a car which has plenty of life left in it is appallingly un-green. Cars should be built to last. They should be manufactured so that they can incorporate changes in technology as time moves on".

She accused the government of selling the plans as a green initiative, when really they're little more than a bail out for the struggling car industry. The number of new car registrations being sold fell by 30% in March compared to the same time last year.

"All it will mean is that those who can afford it will trade up to a bigger cars and consumers will simply shift their spending from elsewhere in the economy, shunting job losses elsewhere."

The money would be better spent, as outlined in the Green New Deal - on a wide range of Green measures that would immediately create huge new employment like for instance, a massive programme of home energy-saving measures, which would create almost 140,000 UK jobs.

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