Back From A Visit to Gaza, Green MEP Calls For An Urgent Political Solution.

7 March 2009

The Middle East peace process will fail unless political leaders recognise a Palestinian unity government - and insist on an immediate end to the blockade of Gaza. So says Caroline Lucas after a four day visit with a European Parliament delegation to Gaza and the West Bank.


The Green MEP for the South East is calling on the EU and on the international community to recognise a democratically elected unity government, which has been refused recognition up to now because it contains elements of Hamas. This refusal, says Dr. Lucas, has divided Palestinians and exacerbated tensions.

Fears were also raised about tonnes of aid piling up on the border into Gaza, unable to get through the blockades as the area remains under Israeli siege.

Caroline Lucas says pressure must be put on Israel to lift the blockades and to end the 'aggressive expansion' of the settlements in the West Bank, which flout its commitments under both the Oslo Accords and recent peace agreements.


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