South East’s Green MEP Doorstops Israeli Embassy To Demand Gaza Aid Refund

3 February 2009

The South East's Green Euro-MP today hand delivered a letter to the Israeli Embassy in London, demanding a full refund of EU aid, estimated to be at least 53 million euros, spent on Gaza's now devastated infrastructure over the past ten years.

In the wake of the Israeli army's violent offensive on the Gaza Strip, Caroline Lucas, Green MEP for the South East, along with Jean Lambert, Green MEP for London, called on the Israeli government to reimburse the European Union for the financial assistance it has provided to Gaza to ensure access to electricity, healthcare and sanitation, as well as spending on hospitals and schools.

Dr Lucas MEP said: "In a matter of days, the Israeli army's aerial bombardment of Gaza and the ground offensive have destroyed much of the EU funded infrastructure. On behalf of EU taxpayers, we ask, what plans has the Israeli government made to repay this investment in Gaza, either directly to the EU or to the Palestinian people?

"The Green MEPs believe that the Israeli government, as the body responsible for the recent damage to Gaza's infrastructure - already rendered fragile by the ongoing Israeli blockade - should foot the bill."

Jean Lambert MEP added: "Alongside the refund of EU aid, Israel must lift the blockade on Gaza, which prevents the Palestinian people from building an independent, thriving economy, and gaining access to vital services. Hamas must also end the rocket attacks and fully maintain the ceasefire to allow a sustainable peace process to begin."

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