Caroline Lucas Attacks Three Main Parties

21 March 2009

The three main parties in Britain are incapable of meeting the urgent head on challenge - to develop a stable, sustainable economy ... that's according to MEP for the South East.

Dr Caroline Lucas, who's leader of the Green Party, told the conference in Blackpool said the big three are incapable of meeting a moral challenge head-on and dealing with it properly.

She compared the issue to large political movements in history:

"Imagine if they'd said: slavery is wrong, so let's cut down a bit - own one slave instead of two... Or if instead of letting women vote, own husbands had just agreed to ask us our views before they went to vote.'

The government, she said, was responding to the climate crisis with "a few low-energy light-bulbs here, a bit of loft insulation there."

And she spelled out how a Green industrial revolution would create hundreds of thousands of jobs across a wide range of sectors, and give Britain a new economy
grounded firmly in social justice and ecological sustainability.

Britain needs Greens. 


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