Greens to Speak At People's Premier of The Age Of Stupid

12 March 2009

The Age Of Stupid is from McLibel Director Franny Armstrong and stars Oscar nominated Pete Postlethwaite. He's a man living alone in the devastated world on 2055 looking back at footage from 2008 and asking why we didn't stop climate change when we had the chance.

The South East's Green MEP and Green Party Leader Caroline Lucas will talk at the film's premier which is in a solar powered tent in Leicester Square on Sunday 15th of March. She said "I defy anyone to come out and not feel like they've GOT to make a difference."

Caroline Lucas, Leader of the UK Green Party

It's being beamed direct to 64 cinemas across the UK - seven of those in OUR region. (Croydon, Guildford, Maidenhead, Oxford, Portsmouth, Reading and Tunbridge Wells). Nationwide it's hoped around 16 thousand people show up for the screenings making this the world's biggest ever premier.

Green Party election candidates from Kent and Surrey have been invited to the screenings to answer questions on climate change.
At the Odeon in Tunbridge Wells speakers include:

Hazel Dawe, Green Party general election candidate for Tunbridge Wells: "This film should become a rallying cry for action against climate change."

Steve Dawe, Green Party general election candidate for Tonbridge and Malling: "This is one of those films that everyone should see. The need for action against climate change at every level, from individuals to government, is urgent and essential."

Stuart Jeffery, Green Party general election candidate for Maidstone and the Weald: "There is very little time left to make the dramatic changes required to tackle the crisis - I hope that politicians across the world take note of the seriousness of the message."

At the Odeon in Guildford the speakers will include Jonathan Essex, campaigner and climate change expert.

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