Surround Kingsnorth!

2 July 2009

Demonstrators against a new coal-fired power station at Kingsnorth will surround the power station on 4th July. Dr Hazel Dawe, Chair of Kent Green Party, explains what will happen:

"Many campaigners, including from Kent Green Party, will be surrounding Kingsnorth to once again draw attention to the climate-risking proposals to build a new coal-fired power station there."

"The event is being organised by Oxfam and includes a diverse range of communities and organisations such as Christian Aid, People and Planet, the Women's Institute, the World Development Movement, National Union of Students, Woodcraft Folk, RSPB and Campaign Against Climate Change. We're calling the event the "Mili-Band" in Secretary of State Ed Miliband's honour. Book your spot on the 'Mili-band' to join us on the day. Booking can be done on these websites: You can book a place here:

"We will renew our demand that no new coal-fired power plant is built here, unless it has CCCS working at 100% (or very close) from the start. After the "Miliband" itself there will be a big summer fete, with stalls, music and plenty to do for kids - as well as some great speakers. So this will be a family-friendly, fun, event. So bring your family, your friends ... don't forget outdoor gear (appropriate to the weather), some water and a picnic if you fancy, though there should be some food available."


Notes for Editors

Further information: contact Dr Hazel Dawe on 01732 355185 and 079444 71083 from now until end of Thursday. From Friday morning and during the event on Saturday 4th July, please contact Mike Evans of the Medway branch of Kent Green Party on 07948 265 976. 

The timetable for the day looks like this :

Shuttle buses ferry people from Rochester station to the event centre
Assembly on site and registration
Groups set off to take up their positions in the Mili-band
Photographs and video of the Mili-band
Finish and return to events centre
Live music on stage
Summer fête starts
Shuttle buses return people to Rochester station

If you have to come by car you need to park in Rochester and get the shuttle bus because there is no on-site parking for private cars at Kingsnorth For any group hiring their own minibus, please arrive at the Kingsnorth holding site no later than 11.30 (maps available soon). Parking for minibuses must be arranged either by contacting Will Tucker on 0121 634 3611, or emailing him at


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