Bicycle parking at Paddington Station a shambles

26 November 2009

Local commuter Nick Short has had his bike vandalised twice at the totally inadequate bicycle parking at Paddington Station and is calling for action.

Nick commutes from Palmer Park Avenue in Reading to Camden every day. He catches the train from Reading to Paddington and cycles to his destination.

Nick has written to Network Rail twice about this not had any response. He has also contacted Green Party Parliamentary candidate for Reading East Rob White.

Commuter Nick Short said: "I wrote to Network Rail regarding the poor condition of the bicycle racks at Paddington Station and the fact that my bike had just been badly damaged. I have still not received a reply to that letter.

"Unfortunately, when I collected my bike this morning the same thing had happened. My bike had been rammed up against a barrier by another cyclist trying to find a parking space. As a result the frame had been damaged and the wing mirror snapped off.

"If you were to visit the cycle park on Platform 8, you would still find a bit of a shambles: there are an inadequate number of racks so bikes are piled on top of each other; the racks are badly organised and squeezed together making it very difficult to get bikes in to a suitable parking slot (if you could actually find one); and there are discarded bikes and old frames taking up valuable space on the racks.

Green Party Parliamentary Candidate for Reading East Rob White said: "I travel to London sometimes myself and have seen the massively overcrowded bike parking. Cycling is a great way to save money, keep fit and tackle climate change all at the same time, government at all levels should be really pushing the cycling agenda including providing decent bike parking, but unfortunately they are not. This is totally unacceptable and I contacted Green Party London Assembly Member Darren Johnston and asked him to raise this with the Mayor.

In response from a question on this matter from Green Party London Assembly Member Darren Johnson, London Mayor Boris Johnson said: "Transport for London is working closely with Network Rail to improve cycle parking facilities at major stations including Paddington. Proposed improvements have been drafted but can not be introduced until designs have been approved by English Heritage and other works at Paddington are complete. This is not expected before summer of 2010."

Notes for the Editor

1. For more information please contact Rob White on 07985 923938 or 0118 9667183.
2. Green Park Ward candidate Rob White polled 994, and came within 20 votes of becoming Reading's first Green councillor at the last local elections in Reading. At the last general election he stood in Reading East and increased the Green vote by over 50% polling 1548.

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