Reading Greens campaign for libraries to loan out energy meters

14 September 2009

Following on from a campaign led by the Reading Green Party's Rob White, Reading council has acquired energy smart meters, and people can now loan them out from the central library or their local branch.

The energy smart meters can be loaned out of the library like a book. They are easy to install and allow people to see how much electricity they are using. People can then take action to reduce energy usage. A person could save up to 25 percent of their electricity usage simply by turning off appliances when not in use, rather than leaving them on standby.

Green Party campaigner Rob White, who came within 20 votes of becoming Reading's first Green councillor at the last local elections, said:

"With the smart meter, you can see how much electricity you are using in real-time. You can see it go up when you put the kettle on and you can see it go down when you turn off appliances that are on standby."

"We are in the middle of a recession and everyone wants to save money. These energy smart meters will help people reduce their electricity bills, saving money and tackling climate change at the same time. This is a great result for Reading and the Green Party."

"I loaned one out from the library today and the librarian was telling me that before they were on the shelves staff were borrowing them and testing them at home to see how they work and they loved the idea."

"Hopefully at the next local elections we will get those extra 20 votes, get our first Green Councillor in Reading and get more schemes like this one agreed to save people money and tackle fuel poverty."

The Reading Green Party has campaigned previously in this area, successfully lobbying the Council a few years ago to sign of the Nottingham Declaration, which resulted in the Council's recent climate change strategy. Also, at the recent budget they lobbied for a free loft and cavity wall insulation scheme similar to the one Greens have delivered in Kirklees.


Notes to Editors 

1. For more information, please contact Rob White on 07985 923938 or 0118 9667183.
2. Green Park Ward candidate Rob White received 994 votes, and came within 20 votes of becoming Reading's first Green councillor at the last local elections in Reading. At the last general election, Rob stood in Reading East and increased the Green vote by over 50%, receiving 1548 votes.
3. For more information on the Owl wireless energy monitor, see:


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