Green MEP Slams Government Stalling on Air Pollution

24 April 2009

The UK is failing miserably to clean up its act on air pollution, according to Caroline Lucas.

A Budget Packed with Missed Opportunities

23 April 2009

The government misses a golden opportunity to create huge numbers of jobs, says the Green Party.

Mark Thomas Endorses The Green Party

22 April 2009

The comedian and activist throws his weight behind the Green campaign.

Stop the Waste from Duplication of Mobile Phone Masts

20 April 2009

Mobile phone companies waste enough energy to power 68,000 homes...says Green Party report.

Don't Be Fooled by Budget Scrappage Scheme - Warn Kent Greens

20 April 2009

Government scheme to pay people to scrap old cars for new is a bail out disguised as a green initiative... say Kent Greens

Nuclear Power? Still No Thanks!

16 April 2009

Green dismay in the South East as Dungeness is unveiled as one of eleven new nuclear power plant sites.

EU ‘neglecting its own commitment to development’ According to South East’s MEP

11 April 2009

Free Trade Agreements Neglect Development and Tax Haven Concerns, according Green Euro-MP

Leading South East Greens chosen to help Maldives fight climate change.

07 April 2009

The President of the Maldives requests urgent help from Oxford Greens.

As the South Downs Wins National Park Status, the region’s MEP Pays Tribute to ‘Dedicated’ Campaigners

01 April 2009

After 60 years of campaigning, the beautiful rolling South Downs has been given National Park status.

Wake Up Call from Government's Own Advisors

29 March 2009

Growth has 'broken' our economy and Government attempts to kick start more growth are delusional.

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