South East MEP top on animal rights.

30 May 2009

In a study based on EU votes the South East's Green MEP Caroline Lucas comes join top along with London's Green MEP Jean Lambert.

SE Greens upbeat after another positive poll

28 May 2009

YouGov poll finds trust in Greens above all other parties to put the country's needs before their own.

Don't waste a crisis - seize the day!

27 May 2009

South East's MEP calls for a 'shake up' of the 'rotten' parliamentary system.

Caroline Lucas Tops EU Transparency Table

26 May 2009

The South East's Green MEP is rated best British MEP on transparency, accountability, democracy and waste.

Joanna Lumley backs Caroline Lucas's campaign

18 May 2009

One of Britain's best loved actresses, Joanna Lumley, has thrown her support behind Caroline Lucas - the South East's Green MEP.

Poll puts Greens in third position in the South East

18 May 2009

With just over a fortnight until the Euro elections, a ComRes poll has placed the Greens four points clear of the Lib Dems with 16%

Green Party Plans to Scrap VAT for Small Businesses

13 May 2009

Greens will scrap VAT and merge national insurance and income tax to cut down on bureaucracy.

campaign bus

Sustainable Jobs for the South East

09 May 2009

Over 140 thousand jobs would be created in the South East within a year, if Green policies were adopted.

South East MEP Welcomes 'victory against animal cruelty'.

05 May 2009

An overwhelming majority of Euro-MPs voted in favour of a ban on the commercial trade of seal products in the EU.

Swine Flu Causes Must Be Urgently Addressed, Says Green MEP

30 April 2009

The Government must look urgently at the risks posed by intensive farming practises, according to Dr Caroline Lucas.

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