Matthew Morton

Matthew MortonAcross Europe the Greens are seen by many as the only serious party with the track record to tackle the issues facing the EU by focussing on sustainability, equality and liberty. The next election will see the Green Party across Europe increasing its representation whilst other major parties give in pulls to the left and to the right as the legitimacy of neo-liberal centrist parties dissolves.

I have a background in grass roots campaigning as well as local government. If we are to be successful we need strong innovative campaigns which will build community cohesion whilst demonstrating a clear vision for Europe and our region. I am a confident public speaker with experience in holding media attention and delivering a coherent message.

  • City Councillor for St. Mary’s Ward Oxford 2008-2012
  • Deputy Leader of the Green Group, Oxford City 2012
  • Lead Campaigner Jericho Boatyard Campaign 2005-6
  • Supporter Radley Lakes Campaign 2005
  • Supporter Warneford Meadow Campaign 2005
  • Stop the War Student Activist Oxford Brookes 2003
  • Environmental Affairs Officer Auckland University Students Association 1994

In New Zealand I was involved in Student politics, campaigning for the environment and against student tuition fees. Through this I had my first introduction to the New Zealand Green Party and some of its leading lights such as Nándor Tánczos & Jeanette Fitzsimons (who was my environmental studies tutor). In Australia I took part in protests to protect Aboriginal land from damaging development whilst studying permaculture with Bill Mollison. In Oxford I campaigned to save Jericho Boatyard, occupying the yard and fighting eviction orders through the courts. We galvanised ther support of the local community, the city and the council. I organised fundraisers and public awareness events. I stood as a Green in 2006. In 2007 I married my wife Anna. I was elected in 2008 to the City Council as served as Councillor for St Mary’s ward until 2012. Whilst serving, I successfully put a motions asking for detailed assessment of rainwater catchment potential in the city, to make Jericho a conservation area and for the city to support the campaign to ‘End Ecocide’. I sat on numerous committees, including area planning, licencing and scrutiny.

I have immersed myself in understanding both sides of the Brexit debate whilst being firmly in favour of remaining. My time in France, in the Dordogne, has shown me numerous examples of how EU funds are applied to support local community. This is in stark contrast to the UK where the role of the EU is downplayed and derided in the media. I believe the EU is important to prevent conflict within Europe. I am not a fan of the Common Agricultural Policy. I would like the Greens across Europe work together to bring Europe within its ecological limits. The Greens are well positioned to formulate a new direction for Europe which fosters regional diversity, facilitates free movement, regulates commerce and industry to protect the environment and workers rights. The world needs a united Europe, the Green Party can hold it together.

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