Leslie Groves Williams

Leslie Groves WilliamsOur climate emergency will not be resolved by the goodwill of individual governments. We require urgent EU-wide action. We must work together to find solutions to a crisis already causing abnormal weather patterns, human migration and biodiversity loss. The European Union has its limitations and challenges but also a unique potential to solve these truly international problems. The Green Party needs skilled MEPs able to build and lead a more visible movement for change- not just within the EU but also to influence those outside of the EU to join the movement.

As your candidate, I would bring fresh energy and a modern vision for an EU where all people can live in dignity, in peace and within the limits of our planet. I bring a lifetime of commitment to the EU project, and 25 years’ experience working on social and climate justice and in peacekeeping, democratisation and humanitarian sectors across the European region.

I speak fluent French and Spanish and have worked in Portuguese. I have a Degree in European Law and Languages (1st Class), receiving an award for my study on the EU equal pay directive. I have spent ten years supporting the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe. In Europe, I have worked in Austria, the Balkans, France, Ireland, Holland, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Switzerland, Sweden, and the UK. I therefore bring a deep knowledge of issues affecting the European region.

I run a successful consultancy business, working to improve performance and accountability in relation to gender, equalities and human rights in 32 countries across the world. I have significant experience of working with multilateral organisations (EC, UN, OSCE), government (UK and Sweden) as well as international and national NGOs. I would therefore bring a strong understanding of the drivers and mechanics of policy making and organisational change, both from the grassroots and the government perspective.

My experience means I am extremely comfortable and highly skilled in working in a multi-cultural environment. I am an experienced negotiator and facilitator and would use these skills to establish a network of other change agents to ensure that we have a visible platform in which to deliver a coherent, visionary yet practical call for action, based on Green values.

I am a committed Green Party activist- local party leader for 3 years, leading numerous campaigns and events, including as part of the Remain campaign. I am currently a vice chair. I have been a local and parliamentary candidate and am currently the parliamentary candidate for East Worthing and Shoreham. I will be able to stand up to the scrutiny and challenge that being a candidate entails. I am very comfortable with public speaking- from hustings, to local community groups to high level government officials.

I believe that I am well placed to stand as a strong MEP for the Green Party and would put all my experience and passion into this role to ensure that we have a loud, strong and effective Green voice. For our Common Good.

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