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Larry SandersThe word ‘crisis’ is often overused. Not this time. The planet is overheating; the political leaders are failing; the owners of the world’s resources are winning short term profits at the expense of the world and most of its people. This is not new; the shift of wealth and income from the majority to the richest has been underway for 40 years. For 40 years we have known about the impact of carbon burning; we have had Green Parties for 40 years. What is new, of course, is that the consequences are rushing towards us. Anger is rising and, as usual, is being directed towards the others: immigrants, minorities, Moslems, Jews, black people, foreigners, uppity women, etc. Far-right parties are growing, massacres, increasing, Brexit voted for, Trump victorious… None of this is inevitable. We could have a society which makes much better use of our abilities and energy and would allow a decent life for all of us.

This is the context of the UK MEP elections which may or may not take place and in which I would like to be a Green Party candidate.

Waging a powerful campaign:

I have an unfair advantage, which I would like to exploit for the advantage of our party. My brother, Bernie Sanders, has won the attention of very large numbers of British people. I have been identified by the UK media as a person of interest, and they frequently invite me to their programmes. I will have a head start in getting our message before the electorate. We know that our policies are popular but often ignored by the media. I won’t be ignored.

We need to address those elements of policy which are specifically in the province of the European Parliament, but we can ask for votes to allow us to affect UK policy and a strong showing in the European elections will have a major impact on the national scene.

The key message I will be offering is that we can create a new and sustainable energy system, and at the same time create millions of good paying stable jobs. Our slogan can be: Zero carbon, zero poverty. Where we need resources to kickstart the energy investment we can take back some of the wealth, income and taxation which have been redistributed to the famous 1%. This fits well with the gains made by the European Parliament, often with the leadership of our own Green MEPs, making it harder for the rich to evade their taxes. We will oppose the regressive VAT required by the EU. We will argue for the effective use by the European Central Bank and the Bank of England of Green Quantitative Easing, which would support the Health, Social Care and Education we need.

Being an Effective MEP:

I was an Oxfordshire County Councillor and Leader of the Green Group for 8 years. I Hold a JD from Harvard Law School and have worked in private industry, local government, the voluntary sector and academia over 50 years.

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