Job Share legal challenge

Two would be Parliamentary Candidates for the Green Party are challenging a ban on job share MPs after trying to stand in Basingstoke. The case is being heard in the High Court today (July 28).

Sarah Cope and Clare Phipps submitted an application to stand as job share MPs in the General Election in the Basingstoke constituency. But this was turned down as job share MPs are currently not allowed. They say they are progressing the case to promote gender and disability equality.  Sarah Cope is the main carer for two young children and Clare Phipps has a disability which would prevent her taking on the role full time.

Lawyers from legal firm Leigh Day will argue that preventing the two women from jointly working as an MP amounts to a disproportionate and unjustifiable interference with both the Human Rights Act and the Equality Act.

  • 31 million women in Britain make up 51% of the population
  • 450 of 650 MPs are men

Sarah Cope says: "We need to change the culture of Westminster and stop wasting so much untapped talent. Allowing MPs to job share is a relatively minor change which could bring about huge benefits".

You can read more about the case here in the Guardian. We will add the result of the case here when we have it.

And here's a video featuring Natalie Bennett, Sarah and Clare on the Unlock Parliament campaign and what you can do to support it.


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