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Fundraising supervisor for the South East Confederation of Green Parties – temporary/flexible paid role

A supervisor is needed to help the South East Confederation raise funds for an additional staff member after Brexit. At present the South East benefits from having a Green MEP with a staff team of 10 who work on issues based campaigning, producing resources for local parties and communications. We need £10000 a year for a part-time role to provide support to local parties and to enable joined up work across the South East, in addition to the Target to Win work provided by the Regional Field Organiser. 

The total time required for the Fundraising Supervisor role will be agreed, but likely to be around 40 hours in total (worked flexibly to suit). The role is self employed and the remuneration is the national living wage of £8.75 per hour (if outside London).

The supervisor will be supported and supervised by the South East Confederation Committee. 

The supervisor will:

  • Help recruit 6 phone interviewers
  • Supervise c. 30 hours of phone fundraising. We aim for the work to be completed by the end of November.
  • Find a location to carry out the fundraising and secure the resources to carry it out
  • Organise and deliver a postal fundraising mailing and subsequent emails to SE members
  • Ensure systems are in place to take money raised and keep records of it
  • Ensure that the fundraising work complies with the GDPR and is consistent with the good practice of the Green Party in data protection
  • Liaise with local parties and the national office to ensure there are no clashes with other fundraising campaigns

In more detail the task will involve the following:

  1. Prepare and send an introductory letter and follow-up emails to the contact list
  2. Recruit a fundraising team – with support from the Fundraising Project Group of volunteers
  3. Prepare scripts for the team (we have many of these resources ready to adapt)
  4. Identify and become familiar with a phone setup and a direct debit setup
  5. Prepare the call list spreadsheet
  6. Train the fundraising team using the prepared materials/systems
  7. Find and book a suitable venue for the fundraisers to use
  8. Supervise the calls and advise as necessary
  9. Ensure that all direct debit details are uploaded to the donor debit interface
  10. Ensure that thank you confirmations are sent to donors including direct debit donors at the end of each shift
  11. Manage the project budget and report all fundraising hours and costs to the Fundraising Project Group

Person Specification

The successful candidate will be:

  • Organised and efficient
  • Able to work largely independently
  • Experienced in telephone fundraising and supervising others
  • Able to train others in telephone fundraising
  • Able to research and set up a direct debit system in agreement with others
  • Enthusiastic and committed to promoting and supporting the Green Party (you do not need to be a member)
  • Familiar with the South East and regional issues of interest to members
  • Creative in terms of designing and delivering the work
  • Experienced in setting up and updating databases
  • Able to manage a budget and report on it regularly

To apply:

Please send a current CV and a cover letter addressed to the SE Confederation Chair, Jonathan Essex, indicating how your skills and experience will deliver the role outlined above to [email protected]

DEADLINE for applications:

We will consider applications as they arrive with us as the timing of the role is flexible. 





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