Vote Green to stop Brexit, reduce inequality and tackle the climate emergency

A vote for the Green Party is one for a politics of hope. 

Unlike the other 'business as usual' political parties Greens want real change to:

- create an economy that works for everyone, not just the richest:

  • Jobs to build a life on. 
  • A fair tax system, stop tax dodging.
  • Reduce inequality and eradicate poverty.

- build a better Europe:

  • Stay in the European Union.
  • Protect our rights.
  • Work with Greens across Europe to make the union more democratic.

- tackle the climate emergency:

  • Investment in renewable energy, and a ban on fracking. 
  • Tackling pollution in our towns and cities
  • Serious action on climate change. 

Take a look at the Green Party's European manifesto


Check out the European Greens full manifesto (or their easy to read version).

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