Isabella Moir

Isabella MoirI would like to be selected to represent the South East in the European Parliament elections to be a voice for all young people everywhere. Young people seem to be forgotten about when it comes to politics, which is incredibly frustrating when it is our futures that are being gambled away and dictated for us. We are seen as lazy, disconnected, and uncaring towards politics – this is far from the truth. I have witnessed some of the most intense passion, motivation, drive and love from young people, especially within the Young Greens. From marches, to protests, speeches, and statements... young people truly are the future and I am so excited to see what is in store for the incredible activists we have in the party. It would be incredible to be a support to them, to motivate them and ultimately to represent them and the values we stand for. I am inspired by those around me, including everyone I have met within my time in the party.

I aim to tackle the biggest issue this generation faces – climate change. I am incredibly passionate about reducing carbon emissions from fossil fuels, and instead investing in renewable energy sources such as offshore wind farms, biomass and solar energy. We need to do more to save the planet that we currently live on, not only to make it habitable, but to make it a happy, healthy and safe place for not only us but future generations to come.

I am constantly striving towards a more equal society. We should not only accept, but embrace other cultures and how beautiful the world is. We can resolve conflict through communication and respect & I believe I have the patience to do this.

To have a more equal society, we must tackle a few issues: it is vital that we end gender inequality and tackle some of the challenges women face everyday. From the pay gap, to the sexualisation of women's bodies, I would like to work towards ensuring women are given the same opportunities as men and are able to choose their own path in life. I would like to be an ally to the LGBTQIA+ community and continue to fight for their rights. Everyone deserves to love who they love, and be who they believe themselves to be – and we should all respect that. As a white woman, I understand my privileges in life – and I would like to use this privilege to ensure that we are constantly fighting for the rights of POC. To my POC & LGBTQIA+ friends, I will never stand in front of you in the fight for your right to exist. I will however gladly stand next to, or behind you, and be who you need me to be.

I would like to do my bit to ensure we are making the world a better place, through tackling climate change, promoting youth engagement, and ensuring we live in a fair and equal society.

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