Ian Middleton

Ian MiddletonI’d like to be a candidate with a view to strengthening our ties to the EU, and also to work towards reform of the internal processes that have been the subject of so much criticism during the Brexit debate.

I would also seek to increase engagement with UK voters and the EU parliament for similar reasons. I feel the disconnection between the EU and UK electorate has been at the heart of the whole Brexit ‘adventure’ and we need to see a better and more fulfilling relationship.

Moreover we need to be making it clearer to UK residents the positive aspects of our membership of the EU, not just in financial terms but also as part of a global co-operative society. If we are to remain in the EU in the long term, we need to be building a more consensual and trusting relationship within the UK to show people here that they do benefit from membership. We also need to dispel the myths and encourage positive democratic involvement with the EU parliamentary process.

As a fervent internationalist I want to see a coming together of all countries, not just in the EU, but all nations as part of an international network that looks forward to a more stable planet on economic, environmental and social levels.

Of course as a Green MEP I’d want to work towards greater international co-operation on measures to deal with climate change, reverse our reliance on fossil fuels and achieve a carbon neutral position. I’d also be looking to challenge the received wisdom on continual economic growth and whilst encouraging more sustainable forms of ethical entrepreneurism and small businesses. I’d also look to be an advocate for increased animal and human rights and social justice.

I’d like to work with other progressive parties within the EU parliament to place Europe at the centre of a global unification campaign. With so much political and religious division around the world and increasing levels of political polarisation and extremism, we need a united nations of Europe in both a notional and actual sense.

Huge socio-economic forces such as China, the USA and India are poised to become dominant without a cohesive European model of co-operation and leadership. Other states such as Russia and some of the middle eastern countries are potential sources of disruption that we will need to be wary of for the immediate future.

On a more positive note I’d like to be a part of an EU that encourages dialogue between nations and ensures that there is universal access to important human rights such as health, education and a safe place to live and work.

After the upheavals of Brexit and the associated undercurrents of discontent that seem to be emanating from some other member states, I think we should be moving the EU toward a position of a global exemplar of democratic progressiveness and an arbiter of justice and peace., carving out a pivotal political role for the organisation on the world stage.

Ian Middleton
Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for North Oxfordshire

Website - www.middletongreen.org
Facebook - www.facebook.com/ianmiddletongreenparty
Twitter - http://twitter.com/IanMiddletonX

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