Greens launch LGBTIQ European manifesto

Green LGBTIQ European manifestoGreen MEP and Euro candidate Keith Taylor, together with Green Euro candidate Alexandra Phillips, will today (Thursday) lunchtime be launching the LGBTIQ Greens 2014 European Election Manifesto at the Bedford  Tavern, Western Street, Brighton.

The LGBTIQ manifesto, which is available to download here, makes three pledges for elected Greens, who will seek to:

• Make EU membership conditional upon granting rights for LGBTIQ citizens. Greens also support making LGBTIQ rights a core European competency, and would argue for a vote to enshrine a set of minimum rights for LGBTIQ people via legislation in parliament.

• Support LGBTIQ rights, oppose racism, ableism, sexism and all other forms of oppression around the world.

• Encourage the EU to work with and hear the voices of discriminated-against groups and their chosen representatives.

The manifesto also champions an inclusive economy for LGBTIQ people; takes a lead in calling for an end to the widespread legal requirement that trans people must identify as male or female; advocates a humane asylum system that offers protection for LGBTIQ asylum seekers; and strongly opposes cuts to the NHS, which will make it harder for trans people to access gender reassignment services.

Keith Taylor MEP said: "Greens have an incredibly strong track record in fighting for LGBTIQ rights in Europe, and helping the EU to move successfully towards true equality. The Green Group of MEPs, more so than any other group, is completely committed to LGBTIQ equality.

"And as part of the European Parliament’s LGBT Rights Intergroup I have worked towards a world free from homophobic prejudice and will continue to do so if re-elected. Candidates must stand in solidarity with the struggles of all LGBTI people; we must continue to fight for equality across the world, whilst not forgetting the continued discrimination and prejudice faced by many."

Green Candidate Alexandra Phillips, who is bisexual, said: "The EU is strong in advancing LGBTIQ rights and the Greens have always been in the forefront of that. Voting Green means more voices in Europe being raised in support of true LGBTIQ equality. It's one of the reasons why the Green Party is in favour of EU membership – to help us continue our track record of fighting for LGBTIQ rights across the continent."

Both candidates have also signed ILGA-Europe’s ‘Coming Out’ pledge to show their commitment to human rights and equality for LGBTIQ people throughout Europe. Indeed, more Green candidates than from any other party have signed the pledge.

The manifesto launch will take place at 12.30pm, Thursday May 15, at the Bedford Tavern, 30 Western St, Hove BN1 2PG. 

For further information and RSVPs please contact:

Rob Shepherd
SE Greens media relations
[email protected]

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