Greens promise a Europe for people, not big business

Candidates Keith Taylor MEP & Alexandra Phillips

As European election campaigning enters its final week, the lead Green candidates in the South East of England were today pledging to work for a Europe designed for people, not big business.

"Greens are firmly in favour of staying in Europe but we also recognise that it urgently needs major reform," was the message being delivered by Green candidate and current MEP Keith Taylor, speaking from the Greens' campaign bus which today visited Folkestone and Ashford. "We need to create an institution that puts people first, not multinational corporations."

Green candidate Alexandra Phillips added: "Pulling out of Europe does nothing to reform Europe. The Greens' focus is on making Europe function properly for people. And in Europe, the Greens can have great influence over this. The Greens are already the fourth largest group in the EU and every extra Green MEP that Britain sends to Brussels on May 22 will increase our ability to stand up for people."

Alexandra Phillips, a councillor in Brighton & Hove, is campaigning to become the second Green MEP in the South East of England and one of a new wave of Green MEPs that is becoming ever more likely as the Green Party increases its standing in the polls. The party now has a solid national lead over the Lib Dems, it is positioned as the fourth party in the Euros campaign and it is second most popular party among 18-24 year olds*.

Keith Taylor continued: "One real benefit of Europe is that it can be a buffer to the way our Coalition and former Labour governments in the UK have enjoyed cosying up to the tax-dodging, self-interested multinationals. But Europe itself is also too close to big business, as we see in the new transatlantic trade agreement, or TTIP, that proposes to give multinationals greater power than democratically elected governments.

"We Green MEPs are fighting the TTIP trade agreement. And the more Green MEPs there are elected next Thursday, the better we will be able to resist this unacceptable agreement."



Notes for editors

Keith Taylor MEP is the current Green MEP for the South East region of England, and is standing to retain his seat. Alexandra Phillips hopes to join him in next Thursday's election.

The Green Party position on Europe is yes-yes-yes. Yes to a Referendum but also Yes to staying in the EU and Yes to EU reforming it from within, to put people first.

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