Greens pledge long, hard fight against Heathrow expansion

South East Greens have pledged a long and hard campaign to fight off expansion at Heathrow – or any other South East airport - in light of the climate threat.

Following this lunchtime’s (October 25th 2016) announcement that the Government is signalling a green light for expansion at Heathrow, South East Green MEP Keith Taylor reacted:

"Heathrow expansion is a disastrous decision for the people of the South East, London, Britain, and the planet. Welcome to Theresa May's never-never land, where prime ministers never have to listen to scientists and never have to apologise for increasing CO2 emissions and air pollution levels. The Maidenhead MP has flip-flopped on her previous opposition to Heathrow and betrayed her constituents by kowtowing to the demands of multi-million-pound airport lobbies."

South East Green Party Chair, Jonathan Essex, said:

“We’ll be standing beside communities around Heathrow and supporting climate activists who are trying to defend our quality of lives and our environment.

“Although I live near Gatwick this is not a debate about one airport vs another – MPs should reject airport expansion and vote for the other option of no new runways.

“With a final decision not expected by Parliament for at least a year, this gives time for the positive choice:  no new runways.  We know from yesterday’s announcement by scientists (1) that carbon is at dangerously high levels already and airport expansion will just add to this.

“South East Greens support the introduction of a Frequent Flyer Levy (2) on the minority of people who make most of the flights. This will discourage wanton flying and claw back some of its cost to the public purse”.


Notes to editors

  1. Figures released yesterday by the World Meteorological Office show that monthly figures for atmospheric carbon have passed 400 parts per million for the first time in recorded history, putting the planet’s climate into uncharted territory.
  2. The Green Party has a short summary of why airport expansion is a bad idea. This also includes more information on the Frequent Flyer Levy, facts and figures.



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