Greens out on the election trail, powered by reclaimed chip shop oil

Caroline Lucas MP, Cllr Alexandra Phillips & Keith Taylor MEP with the Green Party Bus

The south east region of England, the constituency created for European representation, is geographically huge, stretching from Milton Keynes in the North to the Isle of Wight in the South and Hampshire in the west to the easternmost tip of Kent. For candidates simply to get around the region and meet voters is a major challenge to all the political parties; the Greens' answer is the Green Party Bus, a traditional Routemaster London double-decker bus decked out in Green style and running not on diesel but on reclaimed cooking oil.

Green Party BusThe Green Party Bus is now touring the whole of the South East region, peopled by Green Party candidates and supporters, and offering voters the opportunity to meet candidates and learn more about Green party policies, Green positions on Europe and the facts about Green social and environmental campaigns.

With information stalls, film screenings and 'meet the candidate' sessions, the bus will be offering  the Green perspective on everything from fracking and animal welfare to housing, the economy, energy bills and the NHS and, of course, Europe 

Keith Taylor, the current Green MEP and candidate, said:
"Greens are strong believers in a Europe that works for the people and we're firmly committed to meeting as many people as possible across the region, discussing our policies, showing our campaigns and convincing electors that on May 22 their votes for the Greens will make a very real change in Britain and Europe."

Alexandra Phillips, Green candidate and presently a councillor in Brighton & Hove, said:  "Only the Greens are promising real change for the good. The other parties simply offer more of the same, with Labour and Conservatives fighting over which can cut welfare the most and which can privatise our schools and hospitals the quickest. Even Ukip, led by a former banker, is firmly locked into the old, failed ways of running the economy, even if it's dangerously more extreme in other areas. We look forward to meeting as many people as we can and showing them just how important a Green vote on May 22 will be."

Keith Taylor added: "For me, the choice is stark at this election. People can vote for one of the establishment parties, who offer different shades of business as usual. Or they can vote Green for the right kind of positive change. We believe that the EU can, and should, put people and the environment first.

"Vote Green for an economy that works for everyone, for public services that are run for the common good and for the protection of our environment."

Press are warmly welcomed to join the bus and meet candidates. Please RSVP if at all possible.

For replies, further information and to book interview slots, please contact directly:

Rob Shepherd
SE Greens media relations
[email protected]


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